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Temple College

Temple College


Admission Requirements:


Eligibility Requirements

If you have students wishing to take advantage of dual credit and/or early admission enrollment opportunities, the he/she must meet all the following eligibility requirements:

1. Meet established admissions requirements at TC /UTPB as well as appropriate prerequisites for any course. 
2. Comply with the state-mandated Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Program. 
3. If required, take applicable TC placement tests prior to admission to Temple College. 
4. Submit a completed Temple College application for admission accompanied by a sealed, official high school transcript and proof of required test scores. 
5. Complete the dual credit registration form with appropriate school official, student, and parent signatures. 
6. Pay the reduced cost tuition associated with taking a dual credit college course



TSI Pre Assessment Requirement:


TSI Requirement:

Reading 351

Math 350

Writing a 5 on the essay or a 4 on essay and 363 on writing



  1. Complete an application for Temple College. 
  2. Submit an official high school transcript.  
  3. Submit a score report for the applicable test taken. 
    4. Students must also have proof of meningococcal vaccination or as of Oct. 1, 2013, the only means by which a student can object to vaccination for enrollment purposes is to use the DSHS’ current, official form for conscientious objection. IMPORTANT: This form can be requested online and will be mailed to the student. The form takes 5-7 business days to arrive by mail. In addition, the form must be notarized prior to submitting to the institution for the exemption. The online request page location is
    5. Complete a Dual Credit registration form with the necessary parent, student, and counselor signatures.

Important Forms:


Dual Credit Registration Form

Dual Credit ISD Absence Form

Drop Form

Student Record Release Request

Transcript Request



Thrall is considered “out of district”.  Each in-person dual credit class in the fall and spring will cost approximately $249 – $294.  Summer classes will cost more.  The student is responsible for paying for the Temple College courses prior to the payment deadline   (August 11, 2016 for Fall 2016 and January 5, 2017 for Spring 2017) or the student will be dropped from their courses.  


Textbooks and Materials:




Dual Credit students wishing to drop a dual credit course must submit a completed TC Drop/Add Form that is signed by their high school counselor. Students who do not officially drop a course, but stop attending, will be treated as still enrolled. This may result in failure of the class. It is important that a student officially drop a course using the form mentioned above.



Payment for the Fall Semester is due August 12th.


Classes Offered:

English 1301 Comp. 1 (Fall)

English 1302 Comp. 2 (Spring)

History 1301 American History (Fall)

History 1302 US History (Spring)

American Literature 2327 (Fall)

British Literature 2322 (Spring)

Government 2305 (Fall)

Economics 2301 (Spring)

College Algebra 1314 (Fall)

Math 2412 Precalculus (Spring)

Calculus 1 2413 (Fall)

Calculus 2 2414 (Spring)


Reimbursement: Thrall ISD will reimburse a total of $189.00 per semester.  Once you have received credit for the class with a “C” or better, please bring Mrs. Lillard your grade sheet by the announced deadline.


Contact Information:

Christy Hortenstine 512-352-2688

Suzanna Hernandez 512-352-2688