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Thrall HS Silver Cord

Silver Cord Program

The purpose of the program is to encourage Thrall High School students to develop character which results from volunteering their time to our community and school. This program will instill within students the value that quality community service has in building a successful, growing community.

Thrall High School initiated the Silver Cord Service Program in the 2011-2012 school year.

Seniors who complete the minimum 160 hours of approved community services during their four years at Thrall High School will be awarded a silver cord to be worn at graduation and will also be recognized at the senior awards ceremony.   

It’s highly recommended that 40 hours of service be completed each year of high school. Although this is the recommendation, it’s not a requirement. Students may accumulate their 160 hours of service in varying amounts during their four years of high school with no more than 50% of their hours completed in their senior year.*


  • Students must complete a minimum of 160 hours by May 1st of their senior year.
  • A portion of the total hours required for each grade must be devoted to community services that are unrelated to the school.
  • The services must be completed for non-pay and non-credit.
  • Hours will be prorated for any student who moves to the district after their freshman year.
  • The silver cord committee will make final determinations regarding service qualifications.
  • Service hours completed for other school or community organizations beyond those required for membership may be counted. However attendance cannot be considered as service hours.
  • If a student is in an extracurricular activity at school, this can count towards their Silver Cord, with no more than 10 hours per activity. Examples of pre approved extra curricular hours would be Athletics 10 hours, Band 10 hours, and Cheerleading 10 hours. Please visit with Coach Lassiter if you would like to know if your activity qualifies. No more that 30 hours in total can be earned in extra curricular activities.
  • Always have volunteer hours approved by Coach Lassiter.
  • Any services completed as part of a requirement for school or community organizations will count up to a maximum of thirty hours (i.e. Raking leaves for the boy scouts in order to satisfy community service or other merit badges.)


  • Students must document all services on a Silver Cord form.
  • Silver Cord award forms must be signed by a supervisor on site or they will not be accepted.
  • Forms should be submitted no later than 45 days after the service is performed.
  • Parents should not sign as a supervisor unless previously arranged with Coach Lassiter
  • Hours will be maintained by the Silver Cord Coordinator, (Coach Lassiter).
  • Seniors should submit all Silver Cord forms by May 1st of their senior year.
  • The summer before freshman year will apply towards freshman year.
  • Students should make every effort to pick up and complete blank Silver Cord forms before the end of the school year to use for documenting summer service.
  • Summer hours of service may be applied toward either the prior or following school year- student’s choice.
  • Completed forms from summer service should be kept by the student until they return to school in the fall.

Acceptable Service Areas (examples):

  • Volunteering for community organizations
  • Volunteer work at church
  • Volunteer work done for scouts or 4-H or similar groups
  • Reading to the elderly or youth
  • Hours which are earned above and beyond program requirements for the following: Eagle Scouts, National Honor Society Math Club and Student Council
  • Helping improve school grounds.
  • Tutoring another student either during study hall or non-school hours.
  • Helping with concession stands
  • Coaching younger children in a sport or activity (non-paid)
  • Volunteering with a blood drive
  • Volunteering for a political party or campaign.
  • Working with humane societies of vet clinics helping animals.
  • Volunteering with an environmental organization or helping to improve the environment.

Non-Acceptable Service Areas:

  • Doing chores at home or helping family members.
  • Attending church or Sunday school.
  • Babysitting for siblings, relatives or friends.
  • Completing any task for which money is received.
  • To satisfy a class requirement or a class credit.
  • Court ordered community service.
  • School disciplinary community service
  • Working at a family business.
  • Attending school activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bob Haisler, Silver Cord Sponsor, 898-5193 ext. 207.

Volunteer hours documentation forms are available to print below.