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When I Grow Up, I Want To...

Middle School and High School students will have the opportunity to complete interest assessments and other activities in SchooLinks and Career Cruising to help guide them in potential career choices. 

Also, on Wednesday, Jan. 19, all sophomores will be taking the Career Exploration portion of the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). This test is used to assess academic ability and predict success in a wide variety of occupations. The ASVAB Career Exploration Guide they will receive after testing can help them learn more about themselves and the world for work, identify and explore potential goals, and develop an effective strategy to realize their goals. The Guide will help identify occupations in line with their interests and skills and provide resources for exploring potentially satisfying careers.

As sophomores, they can only be given the test for Career Exploration. Their scores and information cannot and will not be released to recruiters. Students in other grade levels who would like to take the ASVAB are welcome to sign up and take it. Juniors and Seniors will be allowed the option of releasing their information to recruiters if they would like to.

Please contact Mrs. Emily Laurence, HS Counselor, 898-5193 or Mrs. Abigail Gola, MS Counselor, 898-5328 if you have any questions or concerns regarding these career investigation opportunities.