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UIL Science Team Wins State Championship!

Event - Date/Time Thrall HS Student(s)
Friday, May 3; 8:30 am
Alexa Matthews - 4th Place
Friday, May 3; 9:30 am
Lindsay Dube
Friday, May 3; 1:30 pm
Amity Holubec - 5th Place
Friday, May 3; 12:15 pm
Kylie Sledge - 5th Place
Saturday, May 4; 8 am
Science Team - 1st Place - State Champions
Alex Van Til - 2nd Place
Kaylee Jackson - 5th Place
Roy Finn - 8th Place Tie
Emma Kramer - 8th Place Tie 
***Kara Sledge will compete in the HS UIL State Poetry Interpretation Academic contest on Wednesday, May 29, at 5 p.m. at the University of Texas, Austin, with her results announced on Thursday, May 30 at 12:00 noon. 
Good Luck, Kara!
Thrall earned 3rd place overall in the Region 4AA Academic UIL meet in Corpus Christi on April 13!
Journalism and Science Teams took the Regional Championship and advance to State UIL Competition on Friday-Saturday, May 3-4!
Region 4AA consists of 50 school districts from Central to South Texas.
Results for all HS UIL Regional Academic contests are available online and in the table below.
Select - Spring Meet
Conference - 2A
Level - Region
District or Region Number - 4
Regional Result
(1st, 2nd & 3rd Places Advance to STATE Competition - May 2-4 (journalism & science) - May 29-30 (speech) - University of Texas, Austin)
Calculator Applications
Alex Van Til & Kaylee Jackson - 19th place tie
RC Porter - 34th place
Calculator Applications Team - 7th
Copy Editing*
Alexa Matthews - 1st place
Kylie Sledge - 4th place
Amity Holubec - 6th place
Editorial Writing* Brooke DeAngelis - 5th place
Feature Writing*
Lindsay Dube - 3rd place
Kylie Sledge - 4th place
Headline Writing*
Amity Holubec - 2nd place
Lindsay Dube - 4th place
Journalism* Journalism Team* - 1st 
Literary Criticism Brooke DeAngelis - 29th place
Mathematics Alex Van Til - 24th place
News Writing*
Kylie Sledge - 3rd place
Lindsay Dube - 4th place
Number Sense Jessie Cole - 20th place
Poetry Interpretation** Kara Sledge - 3rd place
Prose Interpretation** Kylie Sledge - 4th place
Social Studies
Roy Finn - 10th place tie
Luke Marx - 14th place tie
Alexander Massey - 33rd place tie
Social Studies Team - 7th
Alex Van Til - 1st place
Kaylee Jackson - 3rd place
Roy Finn - 5th place
Emma Kramer - 8th place tie
Emma Kramer - Top Biology Score
Kaylee Jackson - Alternate Top Biology Score
Alex Van Til - Top Chemistry Score
Science Team - 1st 
Speech Team** - 5th place tie
Spelling & Vocabulary
Jack Fisher - 18th place tie
Thrall HS finished in 2nd place overall at the UIL District Competition behind Holland HS. Many Thrall students placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at District and advanced to the UIL Regional Competition in Corpus Christi on Friday-Saturday, April 12-13.
Results for all HS UIL District Academic contests from Monday, March 25 at Thrall HS and from Friday, March 29, at Blinn College are available online and in the table below.
Select - Spring Meet
Conference - 2A
Level - District
District or Region Number - 25
District Result
(1st, 2nd & 3rd Places Advance to Regional Competition - April 12-13 - Texas A&M, Corpus Christi)
Braden Howell - 4th place tie
Bree Tretter - 4th place tie
Luke Marx - 6th place
Accounting Team - 2nd
Calculator Applications
Alex Van Til - 1st
Kaylee Jackson - 2nd
Calculator Applications Team - 1st
Copy Editing
Alexa Matthews - 1st
Kylie Sledge - 2nd
Amity Holubec - 3rd 
Current Issues
Jack Fisher - 4th
Current Issues Team - 2nd
Editorial Writing
Brooke DeAngelis - 1st 
Kaitlyn Thelen - 2nd
Emma Kramer - 3rd
Feature Writing
Kylie Sledge - 1st
Brooke DeAngelis - 2nd
Lindsay Dube - 3rd
Headline Writing
Amity Holubec - 1st
Lindsay Dube - 2nd
Jack Fisher - 4th
Journalism Team - 1st
Literary Criticism
Brooke DeAngelis - 3rd
Lindsey Olsen - 4th
Literary Criticism Team - 2nd 
Alex Van Til - 2nd
Thomas Byrd - 6th
Mathematics Team - 2nd Place
News Writing
Lindsay Dube - 1st
Amity Holubec - 2nd
Kylie Sledge - 3rd
Number Sense
Jessie Cole - 2nd
Thomas Byrd - 5th Place Tie
Alex Van Til - 5th Place Tie
Number Sense Team - 2nd
One Act Play
One Act Play - 5th Place Tie
Persuasive Speaking
Cooper Dube - 6th
Poetry Interpretation
Kara Sledge - 1st
Prose Interpretation
Brooke DeAngelis - 1st
Kylie Sledge - 2nd
Ready Writing
Brooke DeAngelis - 1st
Bryce Poling - 6th
Kaylee Jackson - 1st
Kaylee Jackson - 1st
Kaylee Jackson - 1st
Alex Van Til - 2nd
Roy Finn - 3rd
Emma Kramer - 4th
Science Team - 1st
Social Studies
Roy Finn - 2nd
Luke Marx - 3rd
Social Studies Team - 2nd
Speech Team - 2nd
Spelling & Vocabulary
Jack Fisher - 2nd
Richard Yanez - 6th
Spelling & Vocabulary Team - 2nd