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Tennis 2017

Boys and Girls District Champions 2017 - Let's Continue the Tradition!

 Date  Tournament  Location
 February 16  Iredell Varsity  Waco
 February 23  Granger JV  Taylor
 February 24  Granger Varsity  Taylor
 March 3-4  Regional Team  Tennis  Somerville
 March 10-11  State Team  Tennis  Round  Rock/Leander
 March 20  Thrall Varsity  Taylor 
 March 27  Granger JV  Taylor
 March 31  Granger Varsity  Taylor
 April 10-11  JV & V District Tournament  Taylor
 April 17-18  V Regional Tournament  Corpus Christi
 May 18-19  V State Tournament
 College Station

 Tennis Results:

Regional Results:

Madalynn Woelfel/Weslynn/Boatright 3rd place (State Alternates)
Macilynn Boatright/Bubba Dubec  3rd place (State Alternates)
Dylan Ging  4th place
Riley Richter  quarterfinalist
Colby Jaeger  quarterfinalist
Kami Renfro/Casey Carter  quarterfinalist
District Results:
Varsity Boys District Champions
Varsity Girls District Champions
JV Boys Runner-up
JV Girls Runner-up
1st place Madalynn Woelfel/Weslynn Boatright
2nd place Kami Renfro/Casey Carter
1st place Dylan Ging
2nd place Riley Richter
2nd place Colby Jaeger
1st place Bubba Dubec/Macilynn Boatright
3rd place Justin Dunn/Aubrey Rinderknecht
4th place Bradley Graham/Kenneth Kruse
JV District Results:
Boys singles
Alec Ochoa   1st place
Brandon Elliott  4th place
Girls doubles
Shelby Grisham/McKenna Knapek  1st place
Boys doubles
Ryan Grisham/Roy Finn  1st place
Granger/Taylor Tournament
Macilynn Boatright/Bubba Dubec  Consolation
Kami Renfro/Casey Carter  4th place
Thrall Tournament
Macilynn Boatright/Bubba Dubec  1st place
Bradley Graham/Kenneth Kruse  3rd place
Colby Jaeger  1st place
Dylan Ging 1st place
Riley Richter 2nd place
Madalynn Woelfel/Weslynn Boatright 1st place
Kami Renfro/Casey Carter 3rd place
Justin Dunn Consolation 
State Team Tennis Tournament
9th in State  Defeated San Antonio Randolph
Regional Team Tennis
1st Place  Defeated Brazos 14-5 and Kuntze 17-2
Iredell Tournament
Dylan Ging    2nd place singles
Colby Jaeger   2nd place singles
Macilynn Boatright/Bubba Dubec 2nd place mixed doubles
Madalynn Woelfel/Weslynn Boatright  4th place doubles
Bradley Graham/Kenneth Kruse  4th place doubles
Kami Renfro/Aubrey Rinderknecht  2nd place doubles  B division
Justin Dunn  Consolation 
Head Coach: Brenda Graham
Phone Number: 512-898-5193 ext. 309

Assistant Coach: Amanda Sterling
Phone Number: 512-898-5293 ext. 313

Athletic Director: Jason Cole
Principal: Travis Dube
Superintendent: Tommy Hooker